LOTUS Børste til dyrehår

LOTUS Børste til dyrehår

You can easily make not only your car but your home hair-free with the special Lotus product. It may be incredible, but you can hold a scientific device in your hand that will rid you of the unpleasant fluff and hair forever. In addition to your pet, this is guaranteed to be your favourite accessory because it’s really effective!

We love our dog, cat, guinea pig, or ferret, otherwise we wouldn’t keep them. Even very close to ourselves, in our home. And we love being accompanied by them everywhere, so they often travel with us in the car. But no matter how much joy our hairy pets bring, the hair left behind isn’t exactly the owner’s most favourite gift. With the Lotus pet hair removal brush, even this little annoyance will be gone forever in your life.


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Even if you don’t keep one hundred and one Dalmatians in your home, you can still get into trouble with hairs that catch on fabrics, rugs, clothes, and upholstery, which you’ll vacuum in vain, and they’ll never go away completely. The vacuum cleaner is not able to suck the tiny hairs that get stuck in the upholstery fibres, it also consumes energy and you cannot be satisfied with the result. The half-solutions end when you get a Lotus product that is truly science-based, using the phenomenon of electrostatics to achieve amazing results. It removes all pet hair, from all kinds of surfaces, while you barely exert any force and the materials are not damaged by it either.

When the fallen pet hair has apparently disappeared from everywhere, a thread or two still hides. And that couple of hairs are just enough to freak out a guest with an allergy to it, and break out in a sneezing fit. You no longer have to compromise or choose between your friends and your little pet because the brush provides a real solution to the problem. The last hair is also perfectly picked up due to its special design and the simple law of physics, i.e., electrostatic attraction.


  • It is simple and easy to use!
  • With it you can achieve a perfect end result faster, as opposed to e.g. with a vacuum cleaner.
  • When used as intended, it does not damage carpets or upholstery!
  • It is a modern, environmentally friendly device.
  • It is made of rubber, so it is easy to clean, easy to store and does not wear out! Due to its material, it does not contain allergen compounds or chemicals, so it is an environmentally friendly solution in your environment.
  • It is amazingly effective in removing all hair or animal origin (but also human hair) from the car, carpets and furniture.
  • It can also be great as a gift!
  • Order two right away, as it’s most practical to keep one in your car and one in your home!

How to use:

  • WARNING: The tool is not for brushing and combing the pet, but for cleaning up hair that has already fallen out!
  • Grasp the ergonomic, comfortable handle! No need to squeeze, no need to strain with it!
  • The straight rubber strip on the side of the short bristles or brush serves the purpose of pulling it over the stuck hair a few times, creating an electrostatic attraction, making the hair ‘charged’.
  • Do not press the brush strongly on the surface, do not force it! With a gentle motion, pull the brush over the fabric several times as if you were using a broom. (Strong pressure will only cause the brush to wear and the material to be damaged, but the electrostatic attraction will not be more intense!)
  • Then simply collect the hair with the long bristles on the other side of the brush. It will attract them like a magnet. So turn the brush over and pull it down over the hairs with light movements with the longer bristles!
  • Remove and discard the pet hair.
  • Simply rinse the brush with clean water after use so that you can use it clean the next time you use it.

Black, Gray, Red


New, Used


1,600 cm³, 1,800 cm³, 2,000 cm³, 2,600 cm³, 3,000 cm³


Diesel, Electric, Hybrid


OEM, Aftermarket


Automatic, Manual


Estate Car, Other, Saloon, Small Car, Sports Car / Coupe, SUV / Off-road / Pickup


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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